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Rekalibracija is the first vegan fast food restaurant in Novi Sad and wider area. Open since July 2016.
The name Rekalibracija means recalibration of a measuring instrument, and the most important instrument is the human body. So, in our case, it means calibrating the measuring instrument with food. Our mission is a healthier fast food alternative, and our goal is to dispel the myth that vegan or lean foods are tasteless. You have probably already heard that when someone is vegan or fasting, people immediately assume that they only eat bread and water. We are proof that healthy, vegan and fasting meals can be very tasty.

Why choose us?

100% natural

We use natural products only, which are juicy and rich in nutrients.

Always fresh

Always fresh fruits and veggies are our guaranteed recipe for a light meal, full of flavor.

Healthy and delicious

Food that will make you feel truly good!

Carefully selected ingredients

Homemade, high quality and prepared with great care - for a great delight.

Good for your arteries

To be healthy and full at the same time!

Natural antioxidants

With our meals, take in the ingredients that cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

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