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100% healthy, 100% lean, 100% delicious

Vegan fast food

Plant-based food that will make you feel really good.

Who are we?

We are Rekalibarcija, a vegan fast food restaurant, behind which is the Jakovljev family. We offer healthy and delicious vegan fast food to help all health-conscious people improve their health and enjoy meals without compromise, with our unique approach of using fresh ingredients and plant-based foods.

Why choose us?

100% natural

We use natural products only, which are juicy and rich in nutrients.

Always fresh

Always fresh fruits and veggies are our guaranteed recipe for a light meal, full of flavor.

Healthy and delicious

Food that will make you feel truly good!

Carefully selected ingredients

Homemade, high quality and prepared with great care - for a great delight.

Good for your arteries

To be healthy and full at the same time!

Natural antioxidants

With our meals, take in the ingredients that cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

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What they say about us: read the impressions of our regular, full and healthy guests!

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